BIOS更新说明 BIOS Update (Diskette) - ThinkPad A22m (Sxx models only)

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IBM ThinkPad A22m                                    September 8 2003
System Program Service Diskette
Diskette Version : 1.05
OS' href='/spider/detail/kd/17343' target='_blank'>BIOS Version : 13ET20WW
This program is language independent and can be used with any language
What This Diskette Does
This System Program Service Diskette updates the system BIOS program
stored in the ThinkPad system to fix problems add new functions or
expand functions as noted below.
This release supports the following systems:
  - ThinkPad A22m Model Sxx
To determine if you have to update the system program or not refer to
the "Summary of Changes" section.
To update the system program refer to the "Installation instructions"
Released Versions
Version 1.00 (13ET14WW) Initial Release
Version 1.01 (13ET16WW) A fix for some problems
Version 1.02 (13ET17WW) Windows XP support
Version 1.03 (13ET18WW) Function update
Version 1.04 (13ET19WW) A fix for some problems
Version 1.05 (13ET20WW) A fix for some problems
Summary of Changes
 Key:   Diskette Version (for example 1.00 means Version 1.00)
       (New)   New Function or Enhancement
       (Fix)   Correction to existing function
<1.00 - 13ET14WW>
 - (New) Support for ThinkPad A22m Model Sxx.
<1.01 - 13ET16WW>
 - (New) Add an option not to display "Press F1 for IBM BIOS Setup
         Utility" message during POST.
 - (Fix) It takes an extra 3 seconds during POST when 3.3V 16-bit PC
         card is inserted.
 - (Fix) 84-key is selected on cold boot under Windows NT4.0.
 - (Fix) 0175 POST error occur.
 - (Fix) If ECP mode is selected parallel port does not work after
         resume from standby state on Windows Me and Windows 2000.
<1.02 - 13ET17WW>
 - (New) Windows XP support
 - (New) Improved resume speed on Windows Me and Windows 2000.
 - (Fix) If Alert On LAN 2 is enabled sometimes file transfer through
         network fails.
 - (Fix) No display came upon LCD when a lid opened after undocked 
         from a ThinkPad Dock or a Port replicator with an external 
         monitor.(Windows 2000)
<1.03 - 13ET18W>
 - (New) Improved CPU thermal control.
<1.04 - 13ET19WW>
 - (New) Update POST 175 error check routine.
 - (Fix) POST hang may occur if CMOS value is incorrect.
 - (Fix) Dock/undock operation on Windows 98 causes a system freeze if
         the DVD/CD-RW combo device is installed the in docking 
 - (Fix) If the hibernation file structure is special hibernation 
         wakeup may cause a system hang.
 - (Fix) A Password is required twice if the user presses the F1 key 
         when the password prompt appears.
 - (Fix) The ThinkPad system does not wait long enough for the command 
         that stops the HDD spindle motor during a system power off.
 - (Fix) Hibernation wakeup causes a system hang if the supervisor 
         password is installed and BIOS update diskette is inserted.
 - (Fix) Password prompt will come up at reboot after suspend/resume
         on an ACPI operating system.
 - (Fix) Operating system installation using Remote Deployment Manager 
         (RDM = LCCM) causes a system hang.
 - (Fix) If supervisor password is enabled disabling Legacy Floppy
         Devices in the BIOS setup startup menu does not work 
 - (Fix) SpeedStep function does not work correctly on Windows98.
 - (Fix) File transfer through network fails when Alert On LAN is 
<1.05 - 13ET20WW>
 - (New) Added a BIOS option to disable built-in network card ROM
         using upper 640KByte location. (Some network card features
         will be disabled)
 - (Fix) If Lid close action beep is enabled LCD close during OS boot
         may cause continuous beep.
 - (Fix) Improve security related process.
 - (Fix) (Windows98) Error message appears on 2nd hibernation wakeup
         with New USB Memory Key.
 - (Fix) Hibernation swap area destroys POST work area.
 - (Fix) Fix the incorrect setting of PCI IRQ routing in docking
         station CardBus controller.
 - (Fix) Pressing Initialize(F9) key twice will reset network boot
         sequence to other than BIOS Setup Default.
Installation Instructions
NOTES: - You need an AC adapter and a charged battery pack to update
         the system program.
       - If your computer is attached to any kind of docking station
         or port replicator turn off the computer and detach it
         before proceeding.
       - Make sure the BIOS Update diskette is write protected.
       - Check the embedded controller version number by invoking the
         IBM BIOS Setup Utility or by running ThinkPad Configuration
         from the operating system and selecting the System
         Information button.
 1. Print these instructions or display on another computer.
 2. Firmly connect the AC adapter to the computer.
 3. Insert the System Program Service Diskette into the diskette drive
    and turn on the computer.
 4. Select Read this first from the menu and carefully read the
    information that appears.
 5. Press the Esc key to return to the menu.
 6. Select Update system program and follow the instruction on
    the screen.
    WARNING: Do not turn off or suspend the computer until the update
             has been completed. If you turn off or suspend the 
             computer while the update is still in progress the 
             system board may have to be replaced.
    After the update has been completed do the following to make the
    changes effecive.
 7. Make sure there is no diskette in the diskette drive then turn on
    the computer.
 8. While the "Press F1 for IBM BIOS Setup Utility" message is 
    displayed at the lower-left area of the screen press the F1 key. 
    The IBM BIOS Setup Utility menu will be displayed.  If a password 
    prompt appears type the correct password.
 9. Verify the BIOS version and date.
 10.Press the F9 key to load default configuration.
 11.Select Yes.
 12.Press the F10 key to save default configuration.
 13.Select Yes. The system will restart automatically.
BIOS Information
Each version of the System Program Service Diskette contains the
following system program (BIOS). The BIOS Version and the date as well 
as the Embedded controller version number can be viewed by running
ThinkPad Configurator from your operating system and selecting the
System Information button or by invoking IBM BIOS Setup Utility.
 1. Make sure there is no diskette in the diskette drive then turn
    off the computer.
 2. Turn on the computer.
 3. While the "Press F1 for IBM BIOS Setup Utility" message is
    displayed at the lower-left area of the screen press the F1 key. 
    The IBM BIOS Setup Utility menu will be displayed. If a password
    prompt appears type the correct password. The BIOS version and 
    date are displayed on the first screen of the IBM BIOS Setup 
 Diskette   BIOS      BIOS         Embedded controller
 Version    Version   Date         Version
 --------   --------  ----------   -------------------
 1.00       13ET14WW  2001-03-06   N/A
 1.01       13ET16WW  2001-07-31   N/A
 1.02       13ET17WW  2001-09-05   N/A
 1.03       13ET18WW  2002-04-17   N/A
 1.04       13ET19WW  2002-10-16   N/A
 1.05       13ET20WW  2003-06-06   N/A
Memory information
The following information shows memory areas that are either
unavailable or that can be included with a memory manager such as
Reserved BIOS Area:
  C0000-CFFFF  (reserved for Video BIOS)
  E0000-FFFFF  (reserved for BIOS)
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